Frequently & Rarely  Asked Questions

  1.    Meditation and Chanting: What are the merits of Chanting?

  1.      How Does Chanting Work?

  1.    The difference between the Gohonzon and a statue - as Objects of Devotions

  1.    Life after death: What is the Difference between Reincarnation and Rebirth?

  1.    Nichiren Buddhism View on Death

  1.    What Happens After Death?

  1.   The concept of Karma is taught in many ways. What is SGI Teaching of Karma?

  1.    The Concept of Time in Buddhism

  1.   What is Enlightenment?

  1.   The Enlightenment of Women

  1.    What is Fundamental Darkness?

  1.    How does the Buddhist Philosophy of Value differ from Western perspective?

  1.    What is Reality? What is the Fusion of Reality and Wisdom?

  1.   The field of Emptiness

  1.    How does the Positive and Negative Influence of Others affect us? The Eight Winds

  1.    What is the Practical Meaning of Ichinen Sanzen: The Power of One Moment?

  1.    What is Soka Buddha?

  1. *  Identity and the concept of World Citizen

  1.    The Concept of Eternal Buddha

  1.    What is Buddha-nature?

  1.    What were Nichiren’s Contribution to Mahayana Buddhism?

*   Mentorship & the Transfer of Knowledge

  1.    The Role of Mentor-Disciple Bond in SGI and in Traditional schools.

  1.    How did the Lotus Sutra view the traditional teaching of The Four Noble Truths?

  1.   Is the belief in Future Buddha redundant? The Maitreya Myth.

  1.    Did Shakyamuni Buddha practice own Human Revolution?

  1.    The Lotus Sutra’s Unique Teachings on Attaining Enlightenment

  1.    What is the Buddhist Concept of the Divine?

  1.    Buddhism and Vegetarianism

  1. * Prayers in Nichiren Buddhism

  1.   What is SGI Buddhism view on Chakras?

  1. * What is “Truth”?

  1. The Ten Factors of Life

  1.   What is TrueSelf ?

  1.   Forgiveness in Nichiren Buddhism

  1.   Is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion?

  1. Buddhist Flags & Symbols

  1. What is Nonduality?

  1. Where Do Benefits come from?

  1.   How to understand that “my life is Myoho-Renge-Kyo”?

  1.   Come capire il concetto che la mia vita è Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo?