The Priesthood as “superior” to laity

The Priesthood :

                          ” To talk about the priesthood and laity with a sense of equality

                            are expressions of great conceit. In fact, they correspond to

                            the five cardinal sins…”

                            Nichiren Shoshu Head Temple's chief administrator,

                            Nichijun Fujimoto, 12 Jan.1991.


         On equality of all believers before the Law, Nichiren states:

         ”Now in the Latter Day of the Law, if any person embraces Myoho Renge Kyo   

          and practices it in accordance with the Buddha’s teachings – whether he

          be...priest or lay believer, or of high or low position –

          he cannot fail to attain Buddhahood.WND1 p 482

The priesthood idea of self-superiority contradicts Nichiren’s teachings, because the state of Buddhahood is not dependant on one’s social position.

Ordinary people and priests are equal in being envoys of the Buddha:

        ”…anyone who teaches others even a single phrase of the Lotus Sutra is the

        envoy of the Thus Come One, whether that person be priest or layman,

        nun or laywoman WND1 p 33


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