The Heritage of the Law: Limited to the High Priest

The Priesthood :

                           Heritage of the Law is “received only by a single person”.

                               Ref: 100 Questions and Answers, Nichiren Shoshu Temple, West 

                                        Hollywood, 1996


(According to the priesthood, the Heritage of the Law is a matter of transfer of authority from one High Priest to another - conducted at a special ceremony between the two successive High Priests).

SGI : 

          The mission to propagate the Law is not a “transfer of authority” between

          two high priests.

          In the Lotus Sutra, the Heritage of the Law of was transferred specifically to the     

          Bodhisattvas of the Earth.

Nichiren clarifies that the heritage flows in the lives of his disciples and followers who are

the same mind as Nichiren,

and that is based only on steadfast faith, warning also to: Never seek any other way to inherit the ultimate law and manifest it in your life WND1 p 218



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