The Importance of

The Community of Bodhisattvas

All Buddhist Traditions acknowledge the doctrine of the Three Treasures being the Buddha, the Law (Dharma) and the Community of Believers.  Our knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings about the Law would have been impossible without an organisation of dedicated practitioners, who would preserve and continue the propagation of Buddhism.

It is impossible to practice Buddhism in isolation.  Our life is based on interconnectedness and our relationships require enrichment and continual development.  P. Ikeda explains:

        There may be some who feel that organisations and individual freedoms conflict. 

        But groups of all kinds, including companies and nations, need a structured organisation

        to achieve their aims.  The Soka Gakkai, too, must have an organisation as a means

        to enable everyone to engage in faith, practice and study -

        and to promote our movement for kosenrufu, [world peace].

        You have all come to practice Nichiren Buddhism today

        because we have an organisation.             

        Also, an organisation is necessary for many people to advance in an orderly fashion.         

        Without an organisation, we could easily become self-righteous and self-centered

        in our practice, or attached to our personal views and opinions. 

        Were that to happen, we could veer from correct faith, practice and study - and be unable

        to establish a correct way of life based on the Mystic Law.


        When people practice by themselves, they often lose sight of the way forward. 

        To remain steadfast in faith, we need to unite with others. 

        We need to encourage one another to live bravely, urge each other

        to keep striving in our Buddhist practice,

        and support one another in staying on the right path. 

        From that perspective, I think, it becomes clear how important the organisation is.

        Please remember, however, that the organisation is a means,

        and that the reason for its existence is to provide guidance and direction

        so that each member can strengthen their faith and become happy.

        The purpose of the Soka Gakkai organisation is to help everyone

        to attain absolute happiness and the life state of Buddhahood.

        Moreover, positions in the organisation do not mean there’s a hierarchy

        among members.          

        Leaders in the Soka Gakkai serve as cornerstone of unity. 

        The Soka Gakkai is a unique and unparalleled organisation

        that is striving for people’s happiness and world peace - in other words: for Kosenrufu. 

        That is why Josei toda said that the Soka Gakkai orgnisation

        was more important to him than his own life”. 

(Source: The New Human Revolution - vo. 30, ch. 4 - Bells of Dawn 7).



Author: Safwan Darshams  

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